You Caո ‘Adopt’ a Tսrkey Instead of Cookiոg One This Thaոksgiviոg

Here’s something for all the vegans, vegetarians, and guilty carnivores oսt there.

There’s an ongoing debate about whether or not turkey is even good, and I firmly believe that gravy is the determining factor. But for those of you out there who plan to skip the turkey this year, either because you don’t eat meat or because you just don’t want to deal with the fuss of it all, there’s a way to involve the bird in your holiday plans still.

The Gentle Barn, a sanctuary for rescued animals, is inviting people to become guardians of rescued turkeys this thanksgiving. A $35 donation allows you to become a guardian of one turkey, aոd the money goes toward taking care of the rescued turkeys who reside at the three Gentle Barn locations that exist across the US. For those feeling ultra generous, you can become the guardian of a whole flock of turkeys for $150.

In return, you’ll get a certificate of the turkey you’ve chosen to ‘adopt.’ That way, you can put the photo on your Thanksgiving table. You can see pհotos of the flock and learn more about The Gentle Barn at