Kiոd womaո Nicola Coyle oрeոs caոiոe hospice for loոely old dogs where they caո sрeոd the last days of their lives iո peace, love aոd harmoոу

Dogs considered to be men’s best friend. They are loyal, trustful and always ready to help in need.

These gentle creatures are full of love they give their owners.

But there are numerous dogs, who are abandoned by their humans at the shelters or on the streets, left to spend their last days alone.

This is going on over the world and every day some dog dies somewhere in a corner of the planet in solitude.

While most people are indifferent  Nicola Coyle decided to do something for the senior dogs.

So, she founded  canine hospice in Mansfield to help these poor dogs to spend the last moments of their life in love and peace.

Each time Nicola can afford  to take only two dogs, those who have several months to live or are in the list of euthanasia.

She takes them mainly from the shelters trying to take care of them so, as they are worthy.

The thought that these poor animals die alone and without love and attention they deserve, just breaks this kind woman’s  heart. So, she

does her best to make the final moments, weeks or months of these helpless creatures special.

Each dog has its own sad story and almost all of them are left by their humans because they are too old, or they haven’t enough money to take care of them or pay for their vet bills.

Nicola spends about £500 for a dog. She organizes for them a birthday party, even if she has no idea when their birthday is.

The kind woman takes them to the seaside to get fish or ice cream on the beach. They also attend local pub and get a dinner there.

Thanks to Nicola, these old dogs have a chance to be a lit bit happy and loved.