Pit Bսll ոamed Draco հas the sweetest reaction after accideոtally teariոg his favorite pillow

The life of a pit bull named Draco did not please him when he was little.

But, finding himself in a loving family, he experienced comfort and tranquility thanks to one cute thing.

The dog fell in love with a pillow in the shape of a heart with hands.

Wherever the pit bull goes, he drags his favorite thing along with him.

If someone picks up a stuffed toy, he immediately jumps after it to pick it up.

Draco even falls asleep, hugging it with his paws.

But recently the pillow has fallen into disrepair and disheveled.

It was time to send it to the trash can, but Draco couldn’t let that happen!

The pet has kept its pillow ever since the owners rescued him by taking the orphaned puppy from the breeder.

But Draco has a friend, a black Labrador named Willow, who once wanted to take the thing from the pit bull.

Two pets grabbed the toy, and at that very moment it got torn!

Fortunately, Draco’s owner saw what happened and took action!

The woman grabbed the remains of the toy and promised that she would fix everything.

Then she sat down at the sewing machine and started mending the pillow.

All this time, Draco closely watched the actions of the owner, putting his face next to the sewing machine.

From time to time, he whined loudly and tried to reach it with his mouth.

As soon as the pillow was repaired, Draco rushed to his favorite toy and began to hug it, still whining, but this time with happiness.

Pet owners say that pit bulls are the exact opposite of what people think of them.

The representatives of the breed are very kind and friendly and, as it turned out, are crazy about stuffed toys!