Goldeո Retriever with a big հeart falls in love with a tiոy rescսed kitteո who was abaոdoոed by հer mom

After seeing these wonderful pictures, you begin to perceive the expression “like cats and dogs” in a new way.

The way it happens between the Ponzu retriever and the Ichimi kitten can only be called love.

A cat named Ichimi was rejected by her mother immediately after she gave birth.

The baby’s chances of survival were almost zero. But she was lucky enough to get into the house, where she was immediately surrounded by love and care.

The owners’ pet, the golden retriever Ponzu, fell in love with the baby at first sight, becoming her best friend, protector and truly replacing her mother.

Ichimi could hardly have found a more caring and loving guardian than Ponzu.

By the way, Ponzu used to take care of abandoned kittens. So the kitten, one might say, was doubly lucky: she got to a “qualified specialist” who knows a lot about this matter.

All kittens raised by a retriever have already been given into good hands. Ponzu missed them very much: he wandered around the house with his tail down and looked for kittens.

As soon as he saw baby Ichimi, a special bond immediately arose between them.

Now they are inseparable: the adult golden retriever Ponzu and the tiny kitty Ichimi. They spend most of their time together, and it looks incredibly touching and charming.